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Show Your Collection at Philadelphia's ONLY Couture & Luxury Fashion Event

Exciting options to showcase your brand to fashion-savvy audiences & medial press.
Sunday :: September 25, 2016
Location TBD


PCFW has a two phase approval process called: STYLE & STRUCTURE

Complete application (candidate will receive email that application has been received ).

Screening Committee will review candidate within 7 business days (notification will be sent to candidate and may be contacted for follow-up questions regarding the brands STYLE).

If candidate is approved for STYLE, brand will be issued a Participation Agreement which must be returned within 7 business days, along with a $350 deposit.

Show Producer(s), Committee and/or On-boarding will likely schedule a follow-up call within 7 business days to investigate the STRUCTURE of the brands company.

Brand is issued a welcome packet and requested to complete and return promptly. Please do not submit samples unless specifically requested to do so.

Applicants may be asked to submit additional supporting information, which will be considered alongside the application to reach a final decision.

Application Approval is usually determined within 14 days of receipt of signed agreement; deposit

Approved brands are invited to participate in the runway format presentation.

Final participation payment is due on or before: AUGUST 31, 2016.


coordinating retailer and press invitations

pre-event press release

hair & makeup

ushered seating

in-house media coordinator

in-house retailer relations

end-to- end event production

top models from leading agencies

styling and back-of- house coordinator

music coordinator

broadcast-quality multi-camera video production

professional runway image

Up-and-coming designers can present their fashion on the runway at our bi-annual shows. PCFW collaborates with other agencies, businesses and schools to provide designers with opportunities to advance their design careers.

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Apparel Retailers

Promote your business on the PCFW runway. 

If you are not an apparel store owner, manager or work in the buying department you must use a different registration form. If you submit through this application form, your request may be ignored or denied. The only fields that are required in this application are NAME and EMAIL. However, it is STRONGLY suggested that you complete as much information as possible so we can verify your registration request in a timely manner.